Raw & Rebellious is the ultimate boss babe story. Started by Sarah Smyth from Madison, Alabama it's truly an American made brand. Her idea for R&R came from - like many - being a broke college student. She couldn't afford a lot of non-necessity items, so she took to making them on her own! She started visiting antique stores, buying beads to make beautiful jewelry for herself. Compliments started rolling in, and shortly, R&R was born. R&R grew from Sarah's basement to over 150+ boutiques nationwide. 
       What makes R&R unique from other jewelry lines? Sarah literally grew this business from the ground up, and her number one mission is to always stay unique. She has created R&R to a brand, a lifestyle, and an attitude. Sarah has grown her social media presence immensely and through that success she tries to foster change through the voice she has. She wants to normalize inclusions and break stereotypes, making EVERY woman feel beautiful. 
     We personally think Sarah is amazing, and love her brand and what it stands for!